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Structured Settlement Planning is a dynamic and rapidly changing discipline. At Settlement Planners, we’re constantly monitoring the latest news, legislation, case law and market activity to better serve our clients. Whenever possible, we like share this material here in the Resources section of Settlement We’re always adding new material, so stop by frequently to check out the latest information.

Settlement Trends: Articles & Insights

Settlement Planning Checklist #1: Letter of Acknowledgement

Settlement Planning Checklist #2: Full Market Survey

Settlement Planning Checklist #3: HIPAA Disclosure

Settlement Planning Checklist #4: Undisclosed Affinity Arrangements

Settlement Planning Checklist #5: Get the Facts on Medicare Set Asides
Building a Case for Structured Attorney Fees

Settlement Planning Checklist #6: The Advantages of Structured Attorney Fees

Settlement Planning Checklist#7: Business as Usual… is No Longer Business as Usual

Settlement Planning Checklist #8: Solving the Settlement Maze

Settlement planning checklist #9: Five Questions You Should Ask Before Consulting a Settlement Planner

Settlement planning checklist #10: MSA Risk? Help is Here!

Choosing the Right Path: Medicare Set Asides

Medicare Set Asides… Factual Concern or Urban Myth

Five Questions You Should Ask Before Consulting a Settlement Planner

What the Department of Justice isn’t Telling You

The Advantages of Structured Attorney Fees

The Most Serious Risks You Don’t See Coming: Surprising Statistics of Malpractice Lawsuits.

Three cases every Personal Injury Attorney should know.

How much does that structured settlement really cost the defense?

Grillo Attorneys sued for not recommending Structured Settlement.

Why Plaintiff’s Counsel should take control

Protect yourself and take control

Questions you don’t want your client asking after the defendant has been released

Top ten reasons the Defense historically dictates your Structured Settlement

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Structured Settlement?

Do I have options in how I receive my payments?

What are my settlement options?

What is a periodic payment settlement?

Are clients better off with a lump sum?

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