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For over 39 years, the professionals at Settlement Planners, Inc. have been helping plaintiffs and their attorneys to navigate the settlement process. Find out how we can help you.

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Settlement Planners, Inc. is a national structured settlement planning firm providing attorneys with analysis, design and implementation of periodic payment packages in the resolution of personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

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In all other aspects of a personal injury case, you call in experts to support your position or counter the defense. Why would you then hand your client over to the opposition (or their agents) when it comes time to plan and structure their settlement?

Historically, the defense has structured the settlement in a personal injury case. In many of those cases, the interests of the defendant were served over the needs of the injured plaintiff. At Settlement Planners, the plaintiff comes first.

We are retained by plaintiff's counsel to create settlement plans tailored to meet the needs of the injured party.

Settlement Planning is about much more than the Numbers and the proper planning can make a world of difference in your FINANCIAL FUTURE!


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Many of the people who receive settlements may initially rush to take a lump sum of money. The quick move can make you miss the crucial steps that may affect you later. Your settlement planner should advise on the best way to approach the use of the funds so that the present dollars you are receiving can be maximized in the coming years. Our settlement planner will assess your needs, wants and desires to build a personalized plan that will meet your financial requirements for the years that lie ahead.

Your age, financial status, family, the nature of injuries, the short-term, and lifelong medical care will play a factor in the settlement plan. Our settlement planners discuss the best options and help you to attain a well-crafted settlement solution. At Settlement Planners, Inc., we take time to understand what is most important to you!

We are also the industry leader in the design and implementation of innovative attorney fee structures relevant to class action, taxable damages and other non-traditional structured settlement cases.

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