Lien Resolution

Settlement Planners, Inc. can help with the following lien types:

  • Short / Long Term Disability
  • Medicare – A/V”
  • Medicaid Estate
  • Hospital / Provider
  • Medicare ADV
  • Medicare – W/C
  • Military

The experience of our lien resolution partners will provide services that will minimize operating costs to your law firm. Our lien resolution group will assist you with a range of services from complete lien resolution for entire firms to single event lien resolution.

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What are some of the benefits of using Settlement Planners for Lien Resolution?

There are many benefits to Lien Resolution. Lien Resolution can help you:

– Save time and money

– Avoid costly mistakes

– Get the most accurate information

– Get expert help

– And more!

Lien Resolution is the process of removing any legal claims or encumbrances on your property. This can be done through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. Lien Resolution can help you avoid costly mistakes, get the most accurate information, and get expert help. Contact us today to learn more about Lien Resolution and how we can help you!

What are some common types of Lein resolution that you handle?

Short / Long Term Disability

If you are receiving benefits through a short or long term disability policy, you may be entitled to lien resolution benefits. Lien Resolution benefits can help you pay off any outstanding debts or obligations that you may have as a result of your disability. This can include medical expenses, credit card bills, and other debts. Lien Resolution benefits can help you get back on your feet financially after a disabling event.

Medicare – A/V

Medicare will often place a lien on any settlement or judgment recovered by an Medicare beneficiary as reimbursement for benefits paid on the beneficiary’s behalf. Medicare’s right of recovery, however, is not unlimited. The Medicare statute and regulations place several restrictions on Medicare’s ability to recover from a Medicare beneficiary. These include:

– Medicare may only place a lien on a settlement or judgment that was the result of personal injury or medical malpractice;

– Medicare’s lien may not exceed the amount of the Medicare benefits paid;

– Medicare must provide written notice to the Medicare beneficiary of its intent to file a lien within 60 days of receiving notice of the settlement or judgment;

– Medicare must provide the Medicare beneficiary with an opportunity to dispute the lien; and

– Medicare’s lien must be released if the Medicare beneficiary demonstrates that payment would cause financial hardship.

If you have questions about Medicare’s lien on your personal injury or medical malpractice settlement or judgment, contact our office for a free consultation.


Military members who have received medical care through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or Military Health System (MHS) may have a lien placed on their Medicare benefits by the VA or MHS. The lien is placed to recover any medical expenses paid by the VA or MHS for the care that Medicare would have covered. If you have a lien on your Medicare benefits, you’ll need to work with the VA or MHS to resolve the issue before you can receive reimbursement from Medicare for your medical expenses.

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