Settlement planning

Settlement Planners, Inc. is a structured settlement planning service company. We provide comprehensive services to protect the personal injury claimants or wrongful death litigation beneficiaries. When you suffer a catastrophic personal injury, lose a loved one, or are involved in a lawsuit, Settlement Planners, Inc. offers you unmatched professional assistance. We can help to preserve the benefits you receive after a personal injury settlement, court judgment, or inheritance.

What is Settlement Planning?

Settlement Planning is a specialized area of the financial services profession that provides an excellent way to ensure tax-free guaranteed income tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

How Our Settlement Planners Help

The objective of our settlement planning is to help you manage your funds responsibly and avoid dissipation of your settlement dollars. We have proven experience and expertise to work with several categories of clients.

  • Minors
  • People with disabilities
  • Adults without the capacity to make legal decisions
  • Individuals still receiving public benefits

Without the financial awareness and legal knowledge, the recipients of large amounts of money can experience management challenges. Settlement Planners, Inc. will take you through the complex planning procedures including the special needs trusts, guardianships, and structured settlement annuities. Our team will work with personal injury attorneys, estate attorneys, and financial planners to ensure comprehensive settlement planning for the injured client.

Why do you need a Settlement Planner?

  • The settlement planner offers you guidance to protect and preserve your public benefits, offer tax favorable settlement strategies and help with reduction of outstanding liens.
  • The settlement transaction is legally complicated and can pose professional negligence loopholes, so the personal injury attorney and the litigant need an expert to advise on the process.

Settlement Planning is not just about the Numbers… the proper planning can make a world of difference in your FINANCIAL FUTURE!

  • Many of the people who receive settlements may initially rush to take a lump sum of money. The quick move can make you miss the crucial steps that may affect you later. Your settlement planner should advise on the best way to approach the use of the funds so that the present dollars you are receiving can be maximized in the coming years.
  • Our settlement planner will assess your needs, wants and desires to build a personalized plan that will meet your financial requirements for the years that lie ahead. Your age, financial status, family, the nature of injuries, the short-term, and lifelong medical care will play a factor in the settlement plan.
  • Our settlement planners discuss the best options and help you to attain a well-informed settlement solution.

At Settlement Planners, Inc., we take time to understand what is most important to you! Contact Settlement Planners, Inc. at (800) 72-SETTL.