Five Questions You Should Ask Before Consulting a Settlement Planner

by Rick Bishop
Principal, Settlement Planners

Not all structured settlement brokers have the interest of your client in mind. It’s not at all uncommon for the defense to argue to have their own Structured Settlement Planner handling the settlement. Not surprisingly, these arrangements often favor the interest of the defense over the interest of your client. (See our article, “THREE CASES EVERY PLAINTIFF ATTORNEY SHOULD KNOW” for details.)

Moreover, these arrangements result in significantly greater long-term liability for plaintiff attorneys. The following questions will help attorneys assess their own long term risk:

1. Are you failing to retain your own financial expert?
2. Are you neglecting Medicare Set Aside Accounts?
3. Are you releasing your client’s medical records to defendants
without consideration of HIPAA requirements?
4.  Are you inviting taxable confidentiality clauses into settlement agreements?
5. Are you unaware of tax consequences in taxable damage cases?

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